No Mind – Retreat & Guesthouse

Rates & Options for 2019

Rooms & Facilities

Personal Basis (room by room)

The basic rate is 2500/- per day for a room with twin share or double beds (meals are extra).

Retreat Basis (exclusive use of the whole centre)

If you have a group and wish to book the full and exclusive use of the whole retreat facility, including the meditation hall, the indoor dining hall, the outdoor (with shaded cover) dining and meeting spaces and the grounds, the rate is reduced to 1500/- per day per room for 20 rooms.

You have to book all the rooms for exclusive use – IE: 30,000/- per day for the whole retreat centre

If you require special equipment (such as PA facilities, white boards, etc) please let us know and we can also quote on these for you.


Meals can be quoted based on your requirements, but as a general guide, lunch and dinner are usually priced around 350/- per meal per person for vegetarian buffet meals with several dishes to choose from. We source our ingredients as much as possible locally and organically farmed, although some organic produce is transported from other parts of India.

We can cater to some special requirements for retreat bookings, such as Gluten Free / Dairy Free / etc. Please let us know your particular requirements and we will let you know what we can do.

Generally we are able to offer 3 meals per person per day for 1000/- (unless special requirements involve higher costs).

Drinks and snacks are available on an “à la carte” basis when the kitchen is open.

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